Mintō Vibes

Mintō Vibes

By now many people have been exposed to essential oils and may even be incorporating them into their daily routine. We can use essential oils topically, aromatically, and even in food, but have you ever tried a nasal inhaler that has essential oils just ready to take your senses on a journey? Enter: Mintō Air.

mintō : the first step to taking a breather from your routine. These nasal inhalers have different menthol and essential oil blends that have you covered depending on where you could use a little extra support that day.

For me, it’s awesome to switch between the jasmine and frankincense inhalers, with jasmine offering comfort and frankincense offering alertness. With the compact size and easy to store shape, it’s like a spa experience in your pocket. In addition, there is also a rose option to offer calmness, who can beat these options? Grab yours here to uplift your mood and balance your spirit.

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